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the studio redesign: sneak peek

4.23.09 - News

My studio redesign is almost finished and I couldn't be more excited (well, maybe I could be more excited if it was actually finished). I still have to complete some little details, such as re-upholstering a couple of chairs, mounting the LCD TV, and deciding which images to hang on the walls (seriously, how am I going to decide that?).

So, since I'm a perfectionist, I'm not going to show any wides of the entire space until it's completely finished. But I know many of you have been chomping at the bit to see the studio, so I'm posting little bits and pieces of the details... enjoy!

Here's the winning wallpaper. I know it wasn't one of the original ones in the vote, but I combined the feedback I received (which was love of a large graphic print as well as the elegance of simplicity) to choose this one. Not only do I love it, but it's perfect because it lightens up the back dark corner of my studio.

I am now officially IN LOVE with mirrored furniture.

I love textures too, especially the softness of this satin and velvet.

I think every girl needs a hot pink bathroom!

So uncomfortable, but so cute and therefore a total keeper...

This image in the middle is as close as you're getting to a wide shot right now. And yes, that's me in the reflection...

The image on the right is of my magnetic wall, onto which I'll put up my latest tear sheets of inspiration so they're constantly in my face and therefore more likely to seep into my brain.

I promise promise promise to post wide angles of the entire studio soon!

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