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the studio redesign: wallpaper & misc. (vote below!)

3.12.09 - News

The studio redesign is coming along! To see my previous post about the furniture, click here.

Here is a sneak peek at the paint color, flooring, and some of the little accent pieces. The paint color is lavender (duh! what else would it be?) and the floors are cool-toned and whitewashed. I'm absolutely in LOVE with these mercury glass candle holders (so much so that I have a bunch of them in my house too). I was also really excited to find these porcelain light switch and outlet plates.

Lavender is a really difficult color to design with. Not only is there the issue of finding things that go with such a cool tone (most decor and furnishings are warm-toned/earthy), but there is also the challenge of keeping it from looking like an easter egg or a teenage girls bedroom (I have horrid visions of my old pink and purple bedroom). I'm working really hard to keep the look elegant and sophisticated, but still modern and fun.

Although most of the walls will be painted lavender, I am going to cover one of the walls with wallpaper. The decision to wallpaper just one wall is so that it's an accent and doesn't completely envelope the space.

I've been having a blast looking through about a million wallpaper books because there are so many amazing designs to choose from, however my head is starting to spin and it's starting to drive me insane!!! I've ruled out a million which aren't right for my style, and I thought it would be fun to post a few of the leading contenders and ask you all to VOTE on your favorite (by leaving a comment below with the image number). I can't guarantee that I'll necessarily choose the most popular one (I do know my front-runner, but I'm not saying which one it is), but I will take the one you all like the most into heavy consideration!

All of these wallpapers have some degree of metallic foil (I tend to love all things shiny), and I photographed them so that you'd see some of the reflective variation.

Anyway, here are the contenders (in no particular order). Ignore the folds in #2 - they're not part of the design, it's just that the sample was folded.

Thanks in advance to all of you who vote!

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