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Planterra wedding: Katie & Victor

6.26.19 - weddings by Courtney

Ahhh, what a lovely affair Katie and Victor's wedding was. First, Katie is every kind of gorgeous. She radiates a bohemian vibe which her hair, dress, and makeup complimented perfectly. Her gorgeous curls were loosely braided back with such pretty flowers that looked effortlessly placed and her makeup was subtle with just the right amount of glam. But, I think the sweetest thing Katie wore was a tiny wooden cross pinned into her bodice. It is a family tradition, started by her Grandmother and the cross that Katie wore this day was originally her Grandmothers that was handed down to her sister (who wears it daily) and lent to Katie for the day.

Victor has this great calmness about him. He looked great in a blue suit (my favorite) and complete with Katie by his side.

Katie had not one but two amazing first looks. The first came from her Dad who just couldn't stand still as he waited to see his little girl on her wedding day. As he turned around he gave her the biggest hug that seriously lasted a million years. It was the sweetest. After the eyes dried out it was Victor's turn and his reaction was equally as great. The moment their eyes met you could tell the entire world around them melted away and it was just Katie and Victor...Victor and Katie. 

Every time I photograph a wedding at Planterra Conservatory I am just blown away at how gorgeous it all is. The selection of details they offer is outstanding and each wedding ends up with its own unique look. Purple is my favorite color so my eyes immediately loved the purple touches throughout. Most impressively was the cake by sweet Heather Anne that resembled an impressionist painting with the vivid colors and painted buttercream flowers. The water-color themed invitations by Write impressions were absolutely stunning and fit flawlessly with the gorgeous purple tones of the decor.

I am 3/3 with outstanding families for my 2019 couples. I shouldn't be surprised because my couples are amazing and clearly apples don't fall far from trees. Not only did Katie's dad deliver a heart filled speech but he did so in a rap! Talk about a room filled with laughter and cheer and the fun did not end there. E3 Detroit played while Katie and Victor danced the night away surrounded by family and friends. A perfect ending to a perfect day.
Thank you so much for entrusting me to capture your special day. I wish you congratulations, happiness and a lifetime of continued travel together.

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