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westin book cadillac wedding: stephanie and matt

8.11.17 - weddings by Courtney

After a stormy night, I woke up early and made my way to Stephanie and Matt’s new home. The sky was clear and when a rainbow appeared in front of me, I knew it was going to be a beautiful day.
The number seven has become significant to this couple in so many wonderful ways (number of years of dating, seven dress appointments, and their house sits on the seventh hole of a golf course to name a few) that it was appropriate for them to get married on 7/7/17. Will they end up with seven kids? Only time will tell…lol.
I adored Stephanie and Matt's carefree attitude, and the fact that they were out to 100% enjoy their day. They tied the knot at the beautiful St. Florian Church in Hamtramck, and we were off to some photo stops around downtown Detroit. After the DIA and Belt Ally we stopped at Townhouse for some downtime where the entire bridal party could enjoy some time together. It really felt like a celebration with a group of old friends.
This couple managed to make the Venetian Ballroom at the The Book Cadillac even more spectacular than it already is with their great choice in décor. The simple elegance of it all was stunning. They chose to let Jessica Bouren work her magic in designing their cake. They only told her their colors and let her design it however she wanted. It was stunning! I couldn’t get over the bottom layer that looked like golden petals but they were made of frosting! I also loved that Stephanie walked right over to her cake, stuck her finger in it and took a taste. (It was as delicious as it looked.)
Probably one of the sweetest sentiments I’ve seen was the place setting set up in remembrance of Matt’s mother, and Matt’s dance with his sister. I have no doubt she was smiling down on them at that moment. The dance floor was immediately filled and remained that way the rest of the night. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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