Moriah wrote: Awesome job!! The detail and thought you put into it is incredible!! 10.27.11 at 10:43AM

Kristen taylor wrote: For the numerous people who have asked...the lighter color is Frost, the darker color is Mirror Glass (metallic). Both are by Martha Stewart from Home Depot, and I did the stripes in four inches. Good luck!!! 10.18.11 at 9:18AM

patti seger wrote: Oh Kristen, turn about is fair play. You wanted to know the paint color in my bedroom, now I want to know the details of the paint in your closet. It's fantastic and would look awesome in my closet. Love it! 10.18.11 at 8:33AM

rebecca wrote: Amazing! I could never do anything like that. I am very impressed with your never-ending skills set. :) 10.18.11 at 1:30AM

Carla wrote: Very impressive. I wish you would have included some before/after photos of you spraying the primer ;) 10.17.11 at 9:00PM

Harold Jankowiak wrote: It's amazing what a coat of cool paint can do to a closet! Nice work 10.17.11 at 4:15PM

sarah g wrote: WOW. To say I'm impressed would be a huge understatement Kristen!! What a beautiful space, filled with beautiful things. And of course, the icing on the cake: a chandelier! So you- love it :) Nice work! 10.17.11 at 12:43PM

Susan Guy Wolan wrote: GREAT JOB!! 10.17.11 at 11:36AM

Kris wrote: It's beautiful! I loveee the chandelier! 10.17.11 at 11:32AM