jack wrote: Love it!! We are moving our studio so have been obsessed with black chandeliers and wallpaper too!! Post more images soon!! 8.19.09 at 4:01PM

jo wrote: Your site and your studio are straight up awe inspiring. I love the colors and patterns. So chic and peaceful and classy. WOW. 6.29.09 at 9:45PM

Angela De La Rosa wrote: LOVE!! the purple couch!!! 6.17.09 at 8:28PM

Kenna wrote: I LOVE all the details on everything. It's all so beautiful! 6.14.09 at 11:47AM

Jenny wrote: Oh my gosh, this is so COOL!! I LOVE IT! 4.28.09 at 11:27AM

sarah g wrote: I'm blown away!! It looks even more amazing than what you described. I'm so happy for you- and so envious! I wish my workspace was one tenth as beautiful :) Congratulations!! 4.27.09 at 6:15PM

d - neelie wrote: It is perfectly YOU and exactly what I would have pictured! 4.25.09 at 10:30AM

Jamie wrote: The studio looks fabulous! I love the wallpaper you chose, and the individual pieces look so great. Can't wait to see how it all looks together! 4.24.09 at 3:38PM

brooke wrote: LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see pictures of the whole thing! 4.24.09 at 1:04AM

Anna wrote: Wow, just gorgeous. Love the colours, love the decor, love the chandelier. This would be my dream studio if I could dream it. And ironically, my Mom has a room in her house that has a mirrored dresser, chandelier, mauve, silver and would go so nicely with your studio. 4.23.09 at 7:02PM

julie k wrote: it's awesome k! it looks like it has SO much natural light. love the color of the walls! 4.23.09 at 3:05PM

Rebecca wrote: LOVE it so far! 4.23.09 at 2:49PM

audrey tocco wrote: Wow...it is incredible! Beautiful!!! 4.23.09 at 1:54PM

michele kaminer wrote: looking beautiful Kristen!! Can't wait to see the finsihed product! 4.23.09 at 1:44PM

Nicole Haley wrote: Kristen, I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Congratulations on your new studio - I love the sneak peek! It's so fun. 4.23.09 at 12:34PM

sara riordan wrote: It's all in the details - and they are FABULOUS!! Can't wait to see the wide angle shots and hopefully see it in person in the fall! 4.23.09 at 12:29PM

Aletha | Pearls Events wrote: It's absolutely gorgeous, Kristen - wow! Can't wait to see the entire thing :) Congrats!!! 4.23.09 at 12:28PM

TwoFoot Creative wrote: I LOVE it! You did a phenomenal job! Absolutely gorgeous space. 4.23.09 at 12:28PM

Jonathan Thrasher wrote: WOW!!!!! Freaking awesome!! I am so completely jealous. 4.23.09 at 12:15PM