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11.16.12 (News)

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detroit post shoot: Justina & Tyler

7.7.15 (Portraits)

When planning their 2014 wedding, Justina and Tyler knew they wouldn't have much time in their schedule for photos of the two of them together, and they absolutely did not want to do a first look before the ceremony to take photos earlier in the day. So, they simply decided that they would do another photo shoot on another day in order to allow the time to get the photos they really wanted. As often happens, life got in the way and it was almost a year later that they did this shoot, but it is definitely worth it to have these images for all time. Kudos to Justina for still fitting into her wedding dress, and it was fun to see her hair and flowers done by the same people in the same way as they were done on her wedding day. It was like a big Take Two, although this time we had all the time in the world to spend on their photos. I LOVE that they did this!

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walloon lake engagement session: megan & adam

7.7.15 (Engagements)

It's not every day that a client hires me to go up north simply to photograph their engagement session up there, but Megan and Adam have so much meaningful history up there and so it was really important to them. We first started the shoot at the cabin of Megan's family (in Boyne). Their cabin has a gorgeous lake view and is near a thick wooded area in which Megan and her brother used to play and build forts as kids. We trekked through the woods to reach some of the best spots, all while Megan and I shared our phobia of snakes (we didn't see any - whew!) and were eaten alive by mosquitos (totally worth it). Although Megan looks super girly with her long blonde hair, don't let that fool you - she is actually one awesomely tough outdoor chick! Then we headed over to Walloon Lake to shoot at Adam's family cabin, where we took photos on their lovely porch and at the exact spot on the lake where Megan and Adam met. It was SO much fun talking with them and getting a little tour of their favorite places. Thanks for a lovely evening, Megan and Adam!

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birmingham engagement session: katherine & kevin

7.6.15 (Engagements)

I hadn't met Katherine and Kevin prior to their engagement session, although I had met her mother (so lovely!) who is doing a lot of the wedding planning legwork for them since they live in Columbus. Kevin comes from a proud Ohio State family while Katherine was raised to love maize and blue, and if they can overcome that rivalry they can overcome anything! Katherine's mom told me that she used to do a lot of ice skating, which I could tell from the graceful way she has about her. I really enjoyed chatting with them as we walked around Birmingham, and I'm super excited to shoot the upcoming wedding of this super sweet and attractive couple!

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ann arbor engagement session: kristin & dan

7.6.15 (Engagements)

A funny story about how Kristin and Dan found me. Kristin and Dan work together, and as they were scrolling through my blog they came across a photo of me and my husband, and they exclaimed "wait, we know that guy!". Kristin and Dan used to work with my husband, but now they both work in Chicago and commute each weekend to their newly-built home here in Metro Detroit. If they have to do all of that traveling, at least they get to do it together! And they must have a very strong relationship to spend THAT much time together! Anyway, I LOVED the cute pink polka dot dress that Kristin wore, and I especially love how great she looked in it. She and Dan are super cute together, and we had fun wandering around Ann Arbor together! Congrats, you two!

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