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11.16.12 (News)

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a little teaser of what we have in the works...

5.19.15 (News)

Some awesomeness will be launching later this year. Stay tuned!

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What I wish all of my brides knew (but I've never told them)

5.13.15 (News)

I was recently asked by The Overwhelmed Bride to write an article on the following topic: What I wish all of my brides knew but I've never told them. I spent some time thinking about what to write on this topic, challenged by the fact that I already share a lot of wedding day pointers with my clients therefore leaving little left to say, but then it came to me clear as day. The following is Part One of my article:

I can't speak for all photographers, but in my 12+ years of photographing weddings, and in my many talks with my numerous wedding photographer friends, I know I am not alone when I say the following: The more that I feel a positive connection with a bride and groom, and genuinely appreciated by them, the better their photos will be.

This isn't intentional, it's totally subconscious, and it can't really be faked. Photography is an art, and art comes from the soul. When my soul is into it, I am much more "on" that day... and that's when more than just good photos happen, that's when the magic happens. That's when I click the shutter at the exact right fraction of a second as the tear drops from the bride's mom's eye, when I immediately put the bride into the exact right degree from the light so that the whole shot has a glow, and when I am able to see and create new and amazing ways to compose the same shots I take every week. Since cameras are very mechanical, and because the technical side of photography involves fractions and math, it might lead some to believe that there is a formula to being a good photographer. There is a formula to being a good camera operator, but the art of photography, the part that matters and makes all of the difference, comes from the soul.

Of course a good, dedicated, and experienced photographer will work just as hard and can still get all of the photos needed in a quality way, even when they aren't feeling very connected to the couple. I have photographed so many weddings that I know exactly where to be to capture the action and the emotion, how to position people to look amazing, when to step in and when to step back, how to use light, background, texture, etc. The things that used to cause me an immense amount of stress when I first started shooting weddings I now do without even thinking because they've become so easy for me. There is definitely something to be said for experience.

However no amount of technical knowledge or experience can compare to the higher level of visual quality, stunning beauty, and heartfelt emotion that is achievable when the photographer is shooting from their soul. It's the difference between admiring a photo for being a really nice shot and being unable to look away from it because you feel mesmerized by it. It's when it's not just pretty, but when it means something. It's when it is clear that the taker of the photo was not just at the wedding, but was actually included as a part of the wedding.

So what establishes a good connection between clients and their photographer? This too doesn't have a formula, and it's not as simple as a list of check boxes. However I have definitely been doing this long enough to identify things that contribute to, or detract from, the relationship. Stay tuned next week for Part Two of this article, in which I will elaborate on the answer to this question.

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the henry wedding: leila & john

5.11.15 (Weddings)

Ok, full disclosure... I sobbed behind the camera at this wedding, like a lot (but they were GOOD tears!). Maybe it was because I've gotten a pretty good chance to get to know this couple and their family through previously photographing the wedding of Leila's brother, Nabeel, and his stunning wife, Dayna. Maybe it was how much I learned about Leila and John during their engagement session, when John told and showed me a lot about his school years spent at Cranbrook. Maybe it was getting to meet the little baby that Dayna and Nabeel have made since I had last saw them. Maybe it was the proud way in which Nabeel walked Leila down the aisle, and the numerous beautiful tributes made to their deceased father throughout the day. Maybe it was the AMAZING music with a drum beat so strong you could not help but feel it in your soul. Maybe it was because they hired such a professional team of vendors causing the day to go so incredibly smoothly (shout out to planning by Kristina Lambert and Anastasia of The Gala House, and video by Jamie Honce of 3rd Street Productions - always a pleasure). Maybe it was because The Henry is one of my favorite wedding venues, and their cake by Patisserie Parmentierr and paper products by Lee's Specialty were so beautiful. Maybe it was because Leila, John, and their families have been such a joy to work with. One thing I know for sure: It was definitely because I like this couple a lot, and I am really truly happy for them! Congratulations to Leila and John, and to their families as well!

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waterview loft wedding: christina & gabe

5.4.15 (Weddings)

The perfect couple got the perfect weather for their wedding day! After the long Detroit winter it was so nice to have my first wedding of the season be on such a pleasant spring day, and it was wonderful to work with such a sweet couple (in fact everyone at this wedding from the bridal party to the family to the guests were so nice!). Their ceremony at the Sweetest Heart of Mary in Detroit was at the perfect time of day, as the light streaming through the stained-glass windows had such a beautiful glow. After the ceremony we toured around Detroit, from midtown to The Fox to Corktown to hit up some perfect photo spots, and then we ended up at Waterview Loft for their reception. This was the first time I had photographed at Waterview Loft, and I have to say that I LOVE it! It has such an airy feel with crisp cool grey tones and tons of windows. It truly made my heart happy when the giant garage-style doors went up to reveal an open-air setting right on the river. I loved their flowers by Emerald City Designs, and their cake by Baked Impressions was absolutely stunning (I cannot believe that the grey ribbon was fondant and not a real ribbon - I have no idea how they do that!). Their party was perfection, with Gabe having the most adorable dance with his grandma. I am so glad I got to be a part of such a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for this amazing couple! Congratulations, Christina and Gabe! XO

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